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The Sun 28th Mar 2016 Ca-K

David Smith

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Had no expectations today, forecast was pretty dire and the wind was gusting pretty harsh. Skies brightened after lunch so I decided to setup and try some white light visual. Did a little bit of a mod to my Baader film filter to make sure it did not blow away and then got some nice views of the big AR with the ES11mm + #56 filter. Anyway one thing lead to another and ......



A couple of soft panes in the FD if you look at the full res due probably to the battering the scope was taking from the wind intermittently. Decided to have a look for proms although they are rare, found this :eek:


20160328_CaK_Prom I.png

And a close up of the pteradactyl :laugh2:

20160328_CaK_Prom II.png

Not bad for a rough day! Some white lights to process yet too. Will get to those latter.

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