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An Orion G3 Camera question....

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Hi All.

I do Astroimaging with my equipment listed in my signature. My Orion G3 camera, selected for Deep Space Objects, cooling, and affordability, just does not live up to my hopes. It is the 3rd copy from Orion I have had to work with. The first the fan didn't run, the second produced images I, nor a friend, could get to stack and was replaced by Orion with my current 3rd copy.

I do manage to get some worthy pictures from the camera, but there is a matrix that is in the background of every image. I'm wondering if there is any way to change it or remove it? I'm not one to do a lot of Post Processing. I abhor pictures that are not real but masterfully massaged from something. I had hoped I could just manage to take pictures and have them presentable. But due to hot pixels, I have been forced to De-noise my long exposure pictures which generally leaves the picture blurred and the details smeared about (Example 2 below)

One Friend told me that I manage to stack by time, rather than many exposures. Which is what I do, playing with time to get the image I want.

But I certainly cannot get any images like are typically displayed as having been taken with X, Y, or Z camera.

I'm the type to look in the mirror first, then try and figure why things are the way they are. So I'm trying to find some simple ways I can master my G3 camera.

Any suggestions?

1 - Dumbell Nebula, 150 seconds, Denoised in Adobe Elements 12

2 - Bode's Nebula, 300 seconds, Denoised with Topaz Denoise 6

3 - Satillite Cluster, 2700 seconds, Ha7nm filter, And I believe it is as shot saved as a jpg file. The matrix lines can be seen in it.


300s 2.jpg


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One Friend told me that I manage to stack by time, rather than many exposures. Which is what I do, playing with time to get the image I want.


this suggests to me you don't take darks and extract them through the process described in the manual.you just expose to get a picture then save that one picture?

you should follow the steps in the manual taking your lights and darks then go through all the steps to stack

i also have that camera (used once!) and gave up ,after a night of taking images and then the software baled on me saying it couldn't be bothered or something like that lol

ill health has kept me away from astro just now so maybe later i will get it to work,but i am taking the software's approach right now...i can't be bothered!

i would suggest you visit the website and download the manual/drivers again...the studio was updated, but i haven't retried

bothered software


running your images through the software process will remove those unwanted lines,best of luck

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