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Geoptiks case for EQ6

Philip Benson

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This might be a stupid question.   I have just bought a Geoptiks carry case for my EQ6.   Perfect I considered for transporting the mount in a convenient and safe way.  However when the case arrived I couldn't help but feel a bit confused.   I unzipped it and looked inside.  Instead of finding some nice padding to fit the mount I found nothing but a couple of pieces of plywood with some nylon straps attached.  Maybe I thought the mount fits between the plywood sheets which are then strapped together.  But that neither works or really offers that much protection.    Googling some images of a similar case produces some cases which have nice white foam padding inside, moulded to fit the shape of the mount.   That is what I was expecting in mine.   Am I missing something here?

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Which one did you buy? There seem to be some that are 'pack in bag' which are intended to take the original packaging, and some which are padded to take the mount without packaging?

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22 minutes ago, Philip Benson said:

Perfect if you have the original packing but what if you got the mount 2nd hand and didn't get any original packaging?

Sorry can't help you there mate, but maybe try these on eBay - non standard packaging?



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For a NEQ6/EQ6 you will need closed cell foam. It has to be quite dense as the weight will crush any ordinary soft grey foam. i.e. it will not work effectively. Look on line fro closed cell foam, but it is not cheap. Thomann in  Germany used to sella  good quality hard foam but it cost £50 for 2x1 metre. They don't do it anymore for some  reason, but any recycled (in bits stuck together) foam will do if it is stiff enough. Ebay is your best bet.


find scrap used foam from packing cases at the dump. Use double sided tape to bond them together and then cut out to shape. 


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