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With those EP's only a 1.5X Barlow would really be suitable as a 2X would effectively give you a 6mm (usually too much with that scope for the UK atmosphere) and a 12.5mm (almost the same as your X-Cel). The Antares barlows get good reviews and there is a 1.5x version available http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/antares-15x-twist-lock-barlow-lens-125.html. However, as John says, you don't really need a barlow to get high magnification with that scope and could instead just invest in extra eyepieces.

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On 3/28/2016 at 12:15, laudropb said:

Have to agree you would be better with a shorter fl eye piece than a Barlow.

what would you recommend to be the shortest ep without loosing quality with this scope?

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