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Walking on the Moon

Apps to help plan a session

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Hi all

One hour nearer to possible session tonight!  As its bright sunshine here in Beverley I am hoping for a go tonight at a few easy DSO's and wondered if there are any iPhone Apps which I can enter time and location to see where stuff will be?

I have Star Tracker Lite and Sky Map (Mobius) but not sure I can advance to tonight. Sorry if this has already been discussed loads!  


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If you have a computer as well as the phone I would recommend getting Stellarium as it's better to plan on a bigger screen. I believe both Stellarium and SkySafari are available for iPhone. Both apps can advance the time but in Stellarium (for iPhone) you have to set a specific time in the menu whereas SkySafari has nice day/hour/minute/second skip buttons that I think give it the edge.

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I'd second Stellarium, and also Cartes du Ciel, which is less pretty but more powerful, and lets you print off maps for use at the scope. I'd also recommend a book with recommendations and maps. The most popular one is Turn left at Orion, which is certainly good; even better in my view is Illustrated guide to astronomical wonders, which contains more objects and is better organised (by constellation). That book has enough targets to keep you occupied for a few years.

There are plenty of apps out there that will let you see what the sky is like at a particular time - I use Sky Safari, but there's lots of others. Even better in my view is a Planisphere, since you can see the whole sky at once.


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