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Walking on the Moon

Jupiter 26th March Europa Shadow Transit DSLR


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It was murky again here last night and I wanted to have a go at the above but it would look horrible with the AS224 due to seeing so I decided to go more widefield and did an image using my Canon 550d and a 5X powermate using the C9.25.

It's certainly not the best but you can see the shadow of Europa on the disc of Jupiter. I had to get this early in the evening as the clouds were rolling in once more. I am still hoping for some decent seeing soon so that I can use my ASI224MC. I have tried a couple of times but the poor seeing has spoilt them.



Jupiter 2503.jpg

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Pretty much what I was seeing here too last night, although the seeing was slightly worse. Only managed to see Europas shadow for about a 15 min period (on and off do to seeing) before the high altitude muck rolled over to spoil the views. 

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That's why I bought the Baader IR pass filter. Longer wavelengths, less prone to atmospheric turbulence. Also, my closest area to set up just happens to over look directly over houses. 


Nice shadow transit! Cracking DSLR shot!

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