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25-03-2016 152mm Quark Chromosphere


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May have been sunny but the seeing was terrible, salvaged a few from the day.

Usual set up

152mm Frac, 135mm D-ERF, Quark Chromosphere & DMK""618    1000 frames 10% stacked.


AR2524 25-03-2016 Inverted.png

AR2524 25-03-2016.png

AR2526 25-03-2016.png


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Great pictures! I like the 3rd one a lot! It looks like it could make an impactful desktop background!

The seeing must have either cleared up later on or the seeing was just generally better where I was because Jupiter was nice and steady tonight. Perfect for the Europa shadow transit.

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5 hours ago, michael.h.f.wilkinson said:

Nice stuff. Well worth salvaging.

When needs must eh Michael, I really wish I could rotate our house 90 degrees so I could image in the morning, my earliest captures happen at 1 pm at the moment, things will improve as the year pushes on though.


Thanks for all the feedback everyone glad they were worth saving now.

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