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A shedload of galaxies (Virgo SC solve & annote)

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Well, Im completely bored of clouds at the moment so for the past couple of nights ive been tinkering with my existing Virgo SC data, trying to get it solved and annoted with stuff that is kinda "off the books" (ie: LEDA/SDSS/2MASX/UGC etc). Easier said than done with an image this size because it refused to WCS solve at first, but eventually I managed to get it through astrometry.net  (that stuck the NGC and IC stuff on for me) - the additional objects came via AstroimageJ (free) which is in turn linked to the SIMBAD database... so all I needed to do was right click on anything that looked fuzzy, and it did the rest for me :)

I've probably missed a few things, and additional data would help with getting the really dim stuff (still too much noise on a few panes) - but I certainly seem to have found an astonishing amount so far! A few of the labels are a bit off centre, but I will tidy that up next time round.

Probably best to view the fullsize image if you want to read the labels properly! :D  its also a 9mb image, so give it a moment to load!


Now then.... thats a lot of galaxies!




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Cheers :)

Once I have the full data set - all 9 panes at a satisfactory low noise level it should make for quite an interesting browse. My son spotted a few that I missed this morning... lol.. perhaps I should pay him at a rate of 20p per galaxy, but that could end up costing me a few quid at this rate :D

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14 minutes ago, MartinB said:

That's a lot to take in, wonderful

Cheers Martin!.... heh.... :) and the best part is, its not even finished yet. There could be at least another 200+ by the time im finished!

Actually, I've just been back into the annoting software and added another 20 or so - that takes the current total (according to the FITS header) up to a whopping 344! And that doesnt include the items which are too close to an existing galaxy to stick a label on.

The thing I quite like about the annoting software is when it queries SIMBAD, it also opens the page for that object along with the AladinLite view so you can zoom in and verify that it is correct.

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