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Star Clusters from a Celestron EDGE HD

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Hi all,

Going to be purchasing a Celestron 8" Edge HD next week, initially to be used as a planetary imaging scope but later as a DSO imager as I save up over time for the extra accesories (focal Reducer maybe fastar etc).

I am wondering however if it would be possible to image some of spectacular globular star clusters that will be coming back into view over the next few months just using the basic 8" OTA without any accesories and just my DSLR and autoguiding. I understand that as this is a "slow" telescope at f10 for imaging that I might not get any results on some of the smaller DSO objects until i have all the extra bolt ons for the telescope. However as these star clusters are pretty bright and dont require as much data compared to galaxies or faint nebula (owl/ring etc) i might be able to just get away with a summer of imaging the planets and star clusters for the spring/summer while i save up for next winter? 

Can anyone give me an idea of what  to expect to be able to image DSO wise with just the barebones scope and a DSLR?

Many thanks, 

George :) 


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You're right that the F ratio need not be a killer on globulars and open clusters. Give it a go.

The problem, in my view, is that a DSLR is a particularly bad match for a slow, long FL scope. DSLRs like fast F ratios and, with their small and unbinnable pixels, short focal lengths.


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Thanks Olly. Yeah you're right just a matter of a bit of experimenting.

As for the DSLR im on the cusp of moving into DSO CCD imaging. I have a nice powered filterwheel and set of good quality 1.25" baader RGB filters for planetary. I want to get some more experience with planetary mono imaging and processing before i go into the DSO CCD field but can you recommend a good entry level CCD? I'm thinking about an ATIK 314L+ as a solid start?

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