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Mac software for Mesu / SiTech

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Hopefully about to join the legion of the many very happy Mesu 200 owners but would like to ask a few questions if possible.

Can the software that the Mesu mount uses be controlled by a Mac rather than a PC?

What software comes out of the box for controlling the Mesu mount is it user friendly and are there other alternatives?

As a warm room won't be possible due to space restrictions what is the possible maximum length a USB cable can be wired between the mount and the controlling computer? Reason I am asking is that the conservatory will be close to the observatory and the option is, once I get the Atik Infinity to control everything from indoors (especially in the cold weather)?

Again rather ask questions now rather than find out things after the whole set up is built.

As always thanks for the input people, really appreciate it.

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USB extensions are prone to many flaws and failures... especially with camera's .
i.m.h.o.  the best way to cover some distance without wifi or extra pc is the Icron Ranger. Up to 100 meters with a cat cable.
More information here:  http://www.icron.com/products/icron-brand/usb-extenders/
use the Ranger 2204 for a couple of years now without any problem over 30 meters with a cat6 cable

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    • By NeilDMunro
      I have been attempting to update my SynScan V3 Hand Controller from V3.08 to latest version. Handset bootloader is V1.7.
      Unfortunately I just get the message “Can not connect to SynScan hand control”. I have looked at numerous forums and tried everything that has been suggested (including older versions of firmware installer), but getting nowhere.
      I am using a Skywatcher SynScan USB Adapter (purchased from Bristol Cameras) and installed the driver from the Skywatcher website. The adapter shows in the COM ports and says it is working properly.
      I have tried different computers (Win10 and XP) with no joy.
      Can anyone help, or is there anyone in North Aberdeenshire that has successfully updated their handset willing to give mine a go (once travel restrictions, etc ease)?
    • By TakMan
      Picked up a Basler acA1920-155um a week or so ago second hand. Currently using Basler's own 'industry' software which doesn't offer any movie save out function, so I'm working with individual .tif files... thousands of 'em! (Hopefully James will be able to support the camera with OACapture on the Mac in the future)...
      TSA102s > Internal Baader UV/IR > Chromo Quark > Camera (so no reducer than previous goes with the DMK41). Running around 80fps which makes a nice change from just 15! All on my less than perfect tracking alt/az Nova Hitch mount.
      First image was from the 'first light' images off the camera at 8.41 this morning, 100 frames from 1400+, second 150 frames from 1660. Unlike OACapture, the software isn't overly straightforward, so I'm not quite sure what gain and gamma settings were best to use, I just tried to keep the gain low (12 from 36), gamma set to 1 (I think it goes from 0 - 4) and 10-12ms exposure. The histogram roughly in the middle... no helpful .txt file saved out with the capture, unlike OAc...
      Processed in AS!2 and ImPPG (via Wine - Mac) and the PS 2017CC
      Pleased so far but plenty to learn!


    • By TakMan
      A big thanks to PhotoGav who posted some simple to follow instructions on how to use the stand-a-lone software earlier in his M27 thread.
      I'll post again, but add that any file names must NOT include spaces. You can instead use a '_'.
      If (as I do do), you embed your RGB files with a colour profile upon saving, that appears to be fine.
      How to get the standalone Starnet version to work on the Mac
      1. Download the latest version of Starnet for Mac OS from here:
      2. Unzip the folder and place it on your Desktop
      3. Save the image that you want to make starless as a 16 bit mono or RGB .tif file

      *****DO NOT use spaces in file name, instead use _
      4. Place the file in the Starnet folder on your desktop
      5. Open Terminal and navigate to the Starnet folder, copy this command:
      cd ~/Desktop/StarNet_MacOS           - into Terminal and hitting Enter
      6. Open in Text Editor either the file:
      depending on whether you are working with a mono or RGB file and edit the filenames in there to be the filename of the file that you want to make starless
      Save the txt file above in part 6, then....

      7. Drag either 'run_mono_starnet.sh' or 'run_rgb_starnet.sh' onto the Terminal window and you should see the path of the the file appear
      8. Make sure that Terminal is the uppermost window and hit enter - Program will run (this can take a while!)
      9. When it's finished doing its magic, go to the Starnet folder, open up the _s version of your file and be amazed at the results!
      I am (amazed), thanks again Gav for posting!
      Some examples from playing around late this afternoon... the starless colour and mono images straight out of StarNet, no extra processing.
      I still prefer my images with an embedded star field, but this should be great fun and be rather useful whilst processing...


      The Ha data

    • By astrosathya
      Hi Everyone,
      While we all know that there are plenty of hubs out there in the market like Hitec Astro Hub and Pegasus Astro Hubs for providing 12VDC and USB comm link for good cable management, I am a DIY person with little to no experience in electronics. I do know how to solder reasonably well. 
      I am looking to see if someone here could help me with a circuit diagram for a hub that gives has 5x12VDC output, 3x5VDC output and 4xUSB powered hub for communication. I would then go out, purchase all components and build one for myself.
      This is only so that I don't have too many cables dangling off of my mount and becoming a constant trip hazard.
      TIA guys.
    • By ScopeDog
      Just tried out my new (to me) Canon 6D Mk1 at Galloway Star Party and discovered that my Windows 7, 64bit laptop doesn't see the camera when I try to connect it by USB, so I can't control it with BackyardEOS.
      I've checked the device manager and it just doesn't come up when connected and switched on plus I've tried different USB ports. However, I don't have the same problem when I do the same with my Canon EOS 450D using the same cable with the same laptop.
      Am I missing something important here? Pretty frustrating given it's the first time I've been out under a sky that good in a long time
      Thanks in advance,
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