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Finally a clear night and some "MoonSlice"

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Two wonderfully clear nights in a row after....I kid you not...4 months of almost steady rain here on the coast. We have had maybe 6 days since November were it has not rained. Of course the Moon was out for both nights and looking amazing so it dictated the evenings imaging plan. I've yet to try a mosaic and after seeing some fantastic work here from others decided to give it a go. Not as easy as I first imagined. I have 4 scopes with a variety of focal ranges and combinations I can do but decided to use my SCT with a focal reducer/corrector and my ZWO to go about it. Turns out it's a wonderful set up for this type of thing. My new mount is also a Godsend. I can track the Sun and Moon unguided now for well over 5 minutes before I need to recenter and it makes taking at least 3 minute AVI movies a breeze. I still have not drift aligned it. I just eyeballed the entire thing and it's tracking like a champ. Unbelievable.

I tried to get the entire moon in one night. I figured 20 panels would do it and was up till 2 a.m. One thing I've learned is don't image really tired lol. The next day after editing I found that I'd missed quite a few areas. It's all in good fun though. I like the challenge. Here is half of the nights work. This is about 10 panels. Each panel is from about 1000 frames so about 10k frames total. 1200 x 960 each in size. I used PIPP first to sort out the better frames and then onto AS!2 for some refinement of those frames. Then into Registax6 for some wavelet sharpening. Then into PS for a by hand patched mosaic. Let me know what you think of "MoonSlice".




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4 hours ago, todd8137 said:

Nice work ,upside down rotate the camera,to get the correct orientation every one does this, very tight and detailed 


Many thanks! I'm an artist so of course I never go for proper. Just how I am. Be well Pat. 

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