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Got me a Solar Telescope


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Just got myself a Lunt LS35 deluxe from a member of SGL.

Very much looking forward to using it but i suspect that we will now have copious amonuts of cloud during the day as well as the night due to my purchase, sorry guys.

This will probably be the last bit of astro gear i buy for a while as i feel i have pretty much all of the bases covered, certainly for my interests and needs anyway.


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The LS35 was my first H-alpha scope, and I absolutely loved it. They should of course come with a warning: "H-alpha viewing is highly addictive, may cause serious harm to your bank account" ;)

BTW, don't let anybody say it is not an imaging scope. This image I took sun06082014mosaiccolour-2.jpg

says differently :D

Camera: DMK21AU618
Optics: Lunt LS35THa,
Method: Focus extended with 2.5x PowerMate, 28 panel mosaic of avis obtained with FireCapture, stacked with AS!2 (using flats created with Registax and ImageJ), wavelet processing in Registax, mosaic created in Autostitch64, sharpened with Fitswork4 using deconvolution, and curves for pseudocolour with Gimp
Date: 6 August 2014

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Welcome to the bright side of life, Bobby. You will undoubtedly enjoy this new aspect of the hobby - it's a blast.

Have fun with sun.

However, I'm not so sure about the 'last bit of astro gear I buy for a while' statement. Many a Lounger has found such an aspiration to be problematic ... ?

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Thanks for all of the info chaps. If i can achieve an image somewhere near the one shown above i would be very happy. I have done some white light viewing and imaging previously and really enjoyed it. But always hankered after a H-alpha scope. 

Obviously it doesn't come cheap but after reading plenty of reviews and comparisons between the LS35 and the Coronado PST i am pretty sure i made the right choice.

It is without a doubt, the single most expensive bit of astro kit i have bought, i don't think all of my scopes added together cost as much. lol but i have a bonus coming next month and managed to sweet talk SWMBO into letting me get one. 

Left the laptop lying around so when she picked it up to do the online grocery shopping there was a page with Chirs's advert open ;-)

I am looking forward to trying my altair gpcam with it especially. 


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Congrats on your new scope, another happy Lunt 35 owner here (non-deluxe).

below is my own attempt at Ha imaging with the L35 - second time ever at H-alpha (back from September 2015).  Shot with a asi120mm and (probably) a 2x barlow.  I really should have another go at this, this summer.  Other than Newtons rings (....) video astronomy seems a good way to bring out the details through the L35 - though usually I just grab it for a quick 10 minute peek.



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I almost feel as excited as all you nice people who have just bought, or are about to buy, your first HAlpha scope.  I remember how I felt myself when I bought one of the first PSTs available.  Though as Gordon indicated earlier in the thread, I wouldn't mind betting that it won't be the last solar purchase by a long chalk - never mind anything else.  :icon_biggrin:

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Nice one !  In a solar newbie too.  I plan on getting into sketching, but for now enjoying the experience.

One thing I've learned is that the blocking filters are a little suseptable to mould etc if not kept dry, so suggest you invest in some silica gel and a bag of some description.    

This site is great too : http://halpha.nso.edu.  



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