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Celestron 50 AZ

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Your 8mm eyepiece will give you 62.5x magnification which should be quite pleasing - a little more than the average binoculars. If you use the barlow with the same eyepiece it will double to 125x mag and you'll see a lot more detail. But as usual - choose a night with good seeing and transparent atmosphere for best results - and the moon is best viewed as a crescent I find - too bright when it's full. :)

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You're not going to damage you or your telescope, so try all the combinations of EPs with and without Barlow. This will allow you to see what your telescope is capable of - but Brantuk's advice is probably what you will find best.

If you find the Moon is uncomfortably bright, try putting sunglasses over the EP. If this works well you might consider getting a Moon filter. To start with, I would try to watch the Moon in all it's phases - it's fascinating! Although, for the best detail, as said, the Full Moon is not the best.

There's an excellent free computer program called Virtual Moon Atlas which you can download from the Internet, and will help you to identify what you are seeing.

Good luck, and clear skies!

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Hi Rudranesh, welcome to the hobby. With this scope you have to forget about the 3x Barlow and erect image optics. You can use all the eyepieces on the moon and it will not be overly bright with a scope of this size. The 4mm will give you a magnification of 150 which is really to much for this scope and it will be very hard to use with the low eye relief and shaky mount. Best to stick to the 20mm and 12mm. This scope will help you determine how seriously you you wish to persue this hobby - do not expect a lot from this scope!

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