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First Time in Ages...


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Finally got out for a look through the scope for the first time in ages - well 3 times now in the last 4 nights :) Haven't been able to get out for the last few months due to an illness in the family, so nice to use the scope again, and enjoy a few peaceful moments just in the back garden.  Unfortunately I think I've missed my chance to see M42 this year - haven't had a decent session on it yet since I got my 15", and the moon is still building towards a full moon so not the best for DSOs.

Couldn't get out last night to catch the double transit on Jupiter, but tonight I caught the eclipse cast by Callisto. I had Jupiter at 280x with my 7T6 seeing a little wobbly, but great views at moments where things settled for a second -turbulence/festoons/two thin northern temperate belts. Pushed it then to 380x - powermating my 13T6: very delicate to focus, and tbh the seeing wasn't good enough - no new visual info to be gleaned. The scope worked just beautifully though in terms of zero backlash, no damping issues,  buttery smooth manual tracking. Spotted the GRS the other night - lovely salmon colour.

Moved over to the moon - stunning in the Pan24. Amazing to just wander along the terminator, Rupus Recta jumping out, with Rima Birt nearby. Plato showed 3 craterlets.

And that was it - just the two targets nom for each of the nights, and I've a new found love for the moon.

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Good to hear you got out, it was my first night for some time due to weather and not being well. I didn't stay as long as I wanted as it was getting cold and I have had up to the back teeth with being ill of late. Nice report and also nice for me to read after writing mine that the moons of Jupiter were passing in front of the main body, though from where I am it almost looked as if the top one which was on the righthandside in scope, which would have been the left one in fact was going to miss the planet. I really must work out North South East and West but with all my scopes I never know which is which, useless or what.

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Ha ha Alan, me too: when I say northern belts, there's a 50% chance they could have been southern belts! At least I only have one type of scope for keeping track of all the top-bottom, left-right inversions that can happen. 

Next thing I must try is sketching: last night it looked like there was a large highly elongated light/white 'oval' on the equator side of the northern equatorial belt. Anyone see it better? Must look up recent images posted by SGL members.


Yep see it in some class images posted - looks more like a festoon almost wrapping around a turbulent region which is markedly 'white-er'.

Forecast is good for tonight: will have to take another peek And the GRS should be center stage at a much earlier time ... Yes!!! ;)

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