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Walking on the Moon

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After reading the heads up of Jupiter's activity tonight with calisto transit I didn't have any expectations just thought I would go look at Jupiter as has been a year now with the Heritage 130p. Couldn't get the moons to resolve to a pin [removed word] but kept huddled over the scope watching with the 16mm, was a pleasing experience and could just make out Calisto appearing to the side but eye placement was fiddly... Em... collimation out! Dug out the torch some it down (couldn't see the Moon from where I was) ah that's better. Got  out the 6mm and tried again. Sat for over an hour hunched up watching Calisto appear and then see the moon's shadow show on Jupiter's surface as a black dot.  Could also make out 5 equatorial bands on Jupiter. Awesome and for such a humble telescope rather gobsmacked. Viewing wasn't steady it came in and out of view but wow wow never thought we would see a moon shadow or more than the 2 main bands.

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Hi happy-kat, l like memorable nights like you have just experienced, it will stay with you for long time, good seeing and your knowledge behid the ep and too push the scope to the max. Hopefully more memorable nights too come for all of us clear skies Richard :hello2:

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