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Walking on the Moon

M101 Pinwheel Galaxy


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My first go at M101. I underestimated how faint this target was, and i probably shuold have picked a different target with the half moon up. 

Either way i managed to capture 62x 120s exposures at ISO800 with the Canon 550D and the Explorer 200, and although faint and noisy there's still some details showing up. :)

M101 akam print SGL.jpg

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The black point is clipped probably because it's only two hours of data and a bit noisy. It happened to my M51 the other day i clipped it a bit to tone down the background. If you get more subs it'll be easier to process.

Nice image for 2 hours though.

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The black is actually not clipped much at all. It's just heavily darkend.
On my calibrated display it looks almost clipped, but looking at my cheap laptop-display the picture is completly different and don't look clipped at all.

Stretched the same picture to the moon and back to show the background. It's not much details there, so i made it as dark as possible, but i agree i probably should have made it slightly less dark and a bit softer. I'll keep it in mind for next time. :)56ed92f8d2662_M101akamprintSGL_2.thumb.j

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I think that's a really nice image :icon_salut: oddly enough I've never noticed that nebula/galaxy or what ever the blue object is to the left in other pictures.  Astrometry to the rescue when I get on the laptop. 

Well done mate. 

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I really hate that picture of M101.....because its better than mine......must go & have a tantrum.....then I will feel better!

Seriously thought I find all LRGB work under moonlight very problematic- I normally wont try if the moon is above 50% as my sky conditions are not good at the best of times so its a very good image under difficult conditions. Now I've sorted my guiding issues (for now) I'm pushing LRGB subs, target dependent, to 10 minutes on the C11 where I would normally only have gone 5 minutes or so because of the guiding issues. I'm finding longer subs-strange as it might read-is helping to smooth the gradients as you tend to get more of the same, pollution or not, more evenly.

As Olly said- get more subs & you have the making of a great image & get lots of full resolution L data as I'm finding that really makes an image sparkle.

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