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I had the day off!


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Well I had to :blob5: it has been sunny Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and the forecast for Sat/Sun is dark cloud!!!

I was so excited at the blue sky this morning, until I saw the view through the Quark!! yuk! I couldn't even focus. These two were the best, the rest went in the bin.

25232186224_ddcc4c7a60_b.jpg170316_091524_g3_ap2723 IMP a by Alexandra Hart, on Flickr

25767629571_abfab512b2_b.jpg170316_091524 f colour by Alexandra Hart, on Flickr

25741788252_4a830ac802_b.jpg170316_090817 by Alexandra Hart, on Flickr

So out came the Solarscope DSF100, I am so glad I have this as it is worlds apart from the Quark. The seeing was still awful so could only take native focal length.

25236141043_3f32df85a6_h.jpg2016-03-17 Solar full disc f colour by Alexandra Hart, on Flickr

25767632521_681d3b71b5_h.jpg2016-03-17 Solar full disc by Alexandra Hart, on Flickr

So gave up and went back to the original plan of cleaning all the windows and greenhouse :) didn't manage to paint the fence though, I can do that on Saturday :)



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What can I say Alexandra, a stunning set of images, wow!  I particularly like the mono close-up of the single spot and the two full disks taken with the Solarscope DSF100.  Your images have made my day, thank you so much for posting.   :hello2:

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