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Jupiter March 13 SW Equinox 100mm ASI224MC

Tyson M

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I had poor tracking on my mount for Jupiter. I inadvertently left lunar tracking rate on when I switched across the entire sky to Jupiter. Subsequently, all my Jupiter higher mag avi's drifted out of the FOV of my sensor- which was very frustrating. I have a bunch of 30 secs to 1 minute avis with the TV 3x barlow that are basically trash to process.

I was rushed on a work night, had the gf with me and I was having problems with my mount doing the alignment as well.

I was trying out the Baader UV/IR filter to see if I noticed any difference or improvement.

The UV/IR filter was interesting. It made a green tinge almost to my stacked avi's after AS!2.  I did RGB balance- autoalign and it cleaned it up nicely, but the color channels looked like they diverged more than without it before autoalign. The end product colors were fine, but I'm not convinced it is required for my color cam night usage. The lack of detail due to my less frames no doubt, so I am still manipulating them to see if I can get any decent data.


So far, my native focal length shots (with no barlow just a 3" extender) here are my best attempts for the night. 










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It is, im not sure how to process them, although I lack the resolution. Here is my best attempt with a very small number of frames.


 Only a mere 1902 frames. I stacked the best 50%. After checking Stellarium, it appears the moon was IO and it was to the right of the planet not left. 


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