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Atik Infinity - Now Direct to VAL


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Hello All, 

Just to let you know that Atik Cameras have now included Video Astronomy Live into their latest software update for the Infinity.

Please see their latest software release: 

If you have this camera you now no longer need to use a second encoder software like X Split to stream live to VAL or YouTube.  The Infinity software allows you to stream direct to your channel on VAL right from within the software itself.  All you need to do is enter the stream name we provide you for your channel then click the VAL logo to connect instantly! 

VAL would like to thank Atik for their continued support and we will be working closely with them for other possible features in the future. 

Hope this is of interest 

Many thanks



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Thanks Rob, 


Yes I am pleased I must say and hopefully it will get a few more interested in sharing their views live.  Hope to have a go myself at some point but finding the time these days is no easy task!


All the best



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1 hour ago, Helen said:

I'm hoping to use this :icon_biggrin:, I've had a few problems getting the youtube link to work


Hi Helen,


Sorry to hear you're having issues with YouTube but I'd be delighted to set you up at VAL.  Just send me a PM and I'll give you all the details.  Atik themselves now have a channel with VAL so hopefully a few more will give us a try soon.  I am also about to order the Infinity myself today with FLO (hope they have it) along some other bits so this camera will soon be live more and more.  In fact one of the other channels may go live tonight with his Infinity so watch out for that though I'll post a heads up here if he does.  


Now, time to spend some money :hello2:


Best wishes



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