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Hello from deepest, darkest, Hampshire


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Hi all,

The sob story: I one was a young man with an interest in astronomy and got myself a fabulous Orion Optics 8" Schmidt Newtonian. It was lovely, but I had no idea what I was doing. Anyway, long story short, after a while circumstances meant it didn't get used, I was broke, so I sold it (yes, quite a large mistake, I'll agree but the stand/mount alone weighed about 30 tonnes).

The happy ending: Fast forward to today (actually a week ago to be exact), and a friend sold me a Skywatcher 130 that "didn't work". They couldn't even see the moon properly. Well, for under £50, I thought it worth a punt to see what I could do. [removed word] me, if there's one thing wrong with it then I'm a goat. It's fabulous. I've got kids now as well and my 6yr old loves it. We've looked at the moon (of course) which blew his little mind and also M42, which got a big "wow". I've checked out Jupiter and was VERY impressed with the performance and will show that to little man when it rises early enough :).

Anyway, I'm back on it, lacking knowledge, brimming over with enthusiasm and will be looking to enjoy astronomy with you all and probably pick your brains more than you would like as I'm going to need some advice on new accessories.

A very happy hello to everyone.





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