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New Celestron mount

Brian Nordstrom

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Hi all , its been awhile , shifting house and thats a job I can do without !!! .

Anyway I reciently , ( 2 weeks ago ) had the chance to get a new mount for my iStar 127mm f8  refractor and C9.25 but had to sell my HEQ5 first so needless to say last week was busy but managed to sell the HEQ5 . ( great mount but not in the same league as the Celestron CI-700 that I managed to get , only cost me $150aud over what I got for the HEQ5 ,, a steal at $950 in anyones language ) .

Ok so  it arrived yesterday and I assembled it after work , very well made almost all anodized machined aliminum and great fit and finish , I can se why they were made to supercede the Losmandy G11 under C11 and 14's  ., nice mount .

I got to use it on the moon last night using my iStar 127mm and WOAW !!! this thing doesn't even feel it !!! look where the 20lb counterweight is on the shaft !!!! , Solid ,,, did I mention SOLID !!! its a beauth and a hard thump on the OTA dampens in under a second , I could not see any movement while focusing  at the eyepiece at 125x  , just rock steady , impressive .

Just look at those LEGS ,,, 3 inches in diameter ! and we are all leg men ???? at heart .

Here are a few photos and I will post more when I put the C9/25 on , probably on the weekend , cheers guys/gals .


CI+700 2.jpg


WP_20160314_16_29_12_Pro (2).jpg

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Thanks guys ,

I had another blast with her the other night and the more I use it the more I am likiing this mount , impressed I am .

Talking to the previous owner and he has found the Celestron ' Sky Master ' computerised push to system to plug into the encoders you see in the photo's , I did a Google on these and they look to be the go on early computer systems ,, yet to see as its on its way .

Keep tumed .



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Ok , I had a chance to put my C9.25 on this impressive mount and its a great marrage these two , I managed to get the columination spot on first night out because giving the 'Bob's knobs' a tweek did not even worry this mount one bit , just solid as a rock , nice .

Here are a few photos before my 2nd session with this set up ,

At 250x on Jupiter  the mount didn't wobble , impressive , but I suppose the FT focuser helps as well .





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