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DIY Pier - Thoughts please


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Have been thinking about a DIY pier and saw this http://practicalastronomy.com/diy-low-cost-telescope-pier/

Bit of background/situation

I have been using my Bresser MON2 but struggling a bit with the tripod/position. I have tried the following:

1) On the decking - This is the most level surface but is slippery and very springy.

2) On the grass - Very uneven and very wet/poorly drained. Tripod sinks into the ground

I am primarily interested in imaging and the reduction in set up time would be a real interest. The site is secure so I could leave the mount on the pier.

Should also mention that I live in a rented property and understand that I have to consider my options accordingly. My landlord is good and would just take the approcah of "as long as I remove before I leave then fine".

I saw the above article and though that a timber post pier would be a very cost effective and fairly simple approach.

Any comments/guidance much appreciated.

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The easiest to make and the cheapest is a concrete block pier. Just bolt a hollow concrete building block to a 600x600x50 paving slab and you're done. You can bolt straight through the top section of the block to attach the mount, no "owl nest" or "rat cage" necessary. The height can be multiples of blocks. The footprint is big enough to be rigid freestanding once bedded down. If you leave the property, just unbolt it and take it with you.   :icon_biggrin:   

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