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council replace the orange lights with LED's, RESULT


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Ok for those who don't know this has been mentioned before. I have (HAD :grin:) a bright orange lamp right out front of my house and one a 100 yards down the road which were a right PIA. The last time I raised it with the council they replaced the 150W lamp bulbs with a 100W, wow and that made 0% difference, the light still killed my eyes if I stepped outside the house wall shielding me. (and it WAS seriously bright)

Today it was brought to my attention that these lamps are now replaced with downlighting LED's, woot woot how happy am I. I am guessing my previous complaint has been kept open and that they are replacing lamps with low energy LED's anyway, that in view of my previous they did the two lamps as a priority (maybe). 

I should point out this happened two weeks since but my observation skills are obviously pants. :rolleyes:

I still have the 1 billion watt hotel illuminations to deal with opposite my garden but this has given me new impetus to tackle this problem. 

Anyway, my garden is just a little bit darker now. #chuffed :hello2::hello2::hello2:

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Good result.

They replaced the orange glow near me (2 lamps) with the led and I think things have improved.

I'm in a village anyway so limited light pollution but the light is far less hazy and much easier to block out. Imagine that of you hold out one finger to cover the light (kinda like you can to cover the moon) then it will be gone as opposed to the orange ones which still gave a massive orange halo even if you held out your entire hand to cover it.

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