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9 minutes ago, rowan46 said:

another pic from Lucksall


This typifies the Star Party. The stars are the stars, we just look up.
What day was this then, I never saw the Sky like this. I can't have been in Bed, Orion is visible.:icon_biggrin:

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17 hours ago, barkis said:

There's enough in your explanation to qualify the Image as a Star Party piece of work Daz. 
Don't use the same one next time though, or you will be Reported.
I didn't know you were a Moon Man :icon_biggrin:.


Looking at the image on the big screen at home, I am not a moon imager!!! Lots to (re)learn!!!

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31 minutes ago, Jonk said:

Thanks very much - you've already used the silhouette one I see?! Nice!

Yep.  I did say that I was going to if you posted it up.  It's nice to have a completely unique profile pic on SGL :)

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Finally got around to sorting mine out.

From the Wednesday night a spot of widefield.


Some daytime flowers










Sports photography


Wildlife photography


And a bit of fun



Can't wait for the next one :D 


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Well here's my lot ( & two of Daves ) all over far to soon looking forward to the next one!!

Cracking sunset on Sunday night too.





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