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Know what ya men greg i have to be up at 5 every day
:shock: :shock:

Gordon Bennet Rog.

I struggle to get out of my pit 1 week in 4 - but every day :shock: :shock:

Doesn't help that i'm a night owl!

With a four week rota the weekends off I get, there's always a full moon :lol::(:p


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Just checked Metoffice and CrapCheck (sorry Son!) and they seem to agree with James :shock:

Blimey!! Will set the scope up tonight, suitably covered ready for packing it all away tomorrow night!!!!

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Now THIS is looking better!!

Clear blue skies, a gentle breeze and MuppetCheck is showing a totally different picture than MetOffice!!!

Me, I'll go with MetOffice - what do you think, Sonia?

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