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Walking on the Moon

Jovian snaps with the ASI224MC

Kokatha man

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Hi SGL'ers - haven't posted much here for quite sometime due to wall-to-wall clouds in South Oz for months literally...but through a chain of unplanned circumstances we ended up out at Sedan in the Murray Mallee 2 nights ago (10th March) where all the forecasts were "gloom, doom & clouds-clouds-clouds"..! :(

But to cut a long story short a "sucker hole" opened up just long enough to collimate properly & get in exactly 1 hour of imaging...what a pity as the seeing kept creeping higher (despite transparency issues) & when e clouds suddenly slammed the sky shut we were thinking "this might be really something special..."

But if wishes were fishes however...notwithstanding, we still got some decent images - the sky unfortunately remained covered all night after that...& Jove had only just reached peak elevation (49°) & would've stayed at that height for another hour...ah well..!

The 2-frame animation might need clicking on... 







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Excellent shots. Well done! :) Fog for the last two nights here have scuppered any observations of Jupiter where I live in the UK, and before that cloud too for what seems like an eternity! Hoping there's a slight break at some point over the weekend to observe Jupiter again. Fingers crossed! ;) 

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A great collection of images Darryl - as usual! Lovely animation and a pleasure to view all....as usual! 



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Thanks fellas - SGL has always been very generous with file-sizes for attachments, but I cannot see any provision to edit your post if you make a mistake etc...& why does it always seem to lose my password...one reason I come here less is because I always need to re-enter the darn thing & I need to refer to a piece of paper buried on my desk - probably a good thing to keep me out, some folks might reckon..! ;) 

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