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My 1st Jupiter Image in 5 years and 1st Use of my Toucam on the 130P DS


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Hi all, seeing as March appears to be a ggod time for viewing and imaging Jupiter, I thought I would give it a try. It has been 5 years since I used my Toucam last to image a planet and the first time I have put a Webcam in my 130P DS. 

The seeing weren't the best as could be seen in the AVI I captured in Sharpcam. I think I stacked 800 frames from a total of 1500 and after a bit of work in Registax the result is below. I am hoping to get another clear night and that the seeing will be better. I tried to use a 3x Barlow lens, but the conditions wouldn't allow such magnification. Thanks for viewing.

Jupiter 11 3 16 b.jpg

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Very nicely done! The colouration of the bands is quite startling - great contrast you've got going there.

Please to continue with your Toucam. I have an old one of these myself, but the software-disk has vanished and I can't get it show up on my new computers. If you know where this can be found/downloaded, please let me know?

Very nice!


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