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Ternate Eclipse


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Just got back from a trip to Indonesia - the organised tour visited several places of interest including a *very* hot climb part way up Anak Krakatau!  But the primary purpose of the holiday was to view the Solar Eclipse on 9th March.  We were located in the courtyard of the Sultan's Palace, Ternate, a good open location with plenty of atmosphere - locals etc.

At first contact the sky was beautifully clear, but there was a worrying patch of high cloud to the East.  Unfortunately it moved across the Sun after about 30 minutes, and remained until 10 minutes after totality.  It wasn't so thick as to block the Sun out altogether, but the outer corona was completely lost.    So my planned exposure sequence was out the window, and I just had to play seat of the pants as the cloud thickness varied, using live view on my Canon 700D.

Despite taking some longer exposures (around 1.5 seconds), the cloud ruined them, and my best effort was the attached.  0.3 seconds, 400L Canon lens externally stopped to f7, ISO 100.  Just before third contact, a nice view of the large prominence and the start of Bailey's beads at the top of the image.  Cropped from the full frame.




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Last solar eclipse I saw in England in 1999 suffered the fate of cloud too down in Cornwall, and saw nothing of the actual eclipse apart from the darkness at totality. Looks like you had a better view of things even with some cloud there. Well done. :) 

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That is a real shame about the cloud, something similar happened to me in France '99, clear blue skies for days up until eclipse morning with the sun going behind thick cloud seconds before totality.  Still at least you still saw it and got a rather nice photo.


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