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Walking on the Moon

newbie- general software question


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Hi all!  Well Im sure somewhere in all the posts there are similar questions.  But here goes anyways.

Currently have:

Stellavue 130apo, SBig ST2000xcm, and CGE mount

Trying to figure a few things out.

I move mount for parties and am also am building a concrete pillar at home using Dans Pier Top Plate

Polar alignment

I see several tools.  Polemaster(although doesn't seem to have attachment to CGE mount yet) or PemPRo.  Does Pempro do polar alignment plus adjust periodic error? I feel I need to get this resolved first before I even start with pictures. I


Here the list seems pretty diverse and everyone has their own favorite.  Maxim XL,Nebulosity  others?  Dont mind spending some $$s on this, but want something that is reliable and relatively and has an easy learning curve


Honestly I haven't even gotten this far. Put if the above does both all the better i guess!


I know this is real general and my apologies, but just want to try to narrow this down quickly with out over thinking too much.  If someone wants to take off line Im more than willing to do that too...anything else i need??  Ive had scope etc now for 3+ years and haven't done anything with it. So its time to either dive in or get off the pot!!


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Have a look at Sequence Generator Pro for acquisition along with its optional Framing and Mosaic Plug In. It really is a fantastic program with great support from its authors. It's also good value.

For processing - Pixinsight takes a lot of beating. Photoshop is also great. They have different plus points and PI has a steep learning curve. Together PI and PS are all you'll ever be likely to need.

As for guiding and polar alignment - PHD2 is free!!

SGPro and PI both have free trial periods - so try before you buy.

Hope this helps

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I'd also suggest AstroArt for capture and processing. Its not as flexible as PS or Pixinsight, but its a lot easier to use, both Pix and PS do have a pretty steep learning curve.

It also has a good free period to try - capture times out after an hour, processing has a watermark - but it does mean you can give it a proper test without spending anything.

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