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Rosette oil on canvas

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No clear sky in sight until next week (when the moon will be back...), so I have entertained myself with my old data and data I got from my friend Francois Theriault in New Brunswick. Here is what came out when I added Francois' Ha data to my DSLR RGB image of the Rosette nebula from January. The Ha brought out a lot of dust in the background and some more contrast to the rosette. I find the result interesting as it reminds me of an 18th century oil painting. I also post the "original" RGB for comparison.



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Sweet, it is amazing how much of the faint outer regions Ha brings. The danger is to make it look too much like an oil painting with over enthusiastic processing, something I am very guilty of myself. But I think you are very close here, good job.

How did you merge the Ha element into the image ?

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Thanks Catanonia!

I used it as a luminosity layer in Photoshop, and then a little bit of curves. His data is from an AstroTech 72ED (SBIG ST8300M) and mine from a ES 127ED (Canon 60Da).

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By the way, there are so many ways the Rosette could be presented. Francois kindly sent me also his Oiii and Sii data of the Rosette, and this is my semi-Hubble palette processing of his narrowband data. You can see Francois' lovely version here:


I really likes his version for its mystique, while my processing made it a bit more fiery (it seems that I try to steer away from the green and go for the red - maybe because I have been told there is no green in space).

RosetteNewFT PS4b.jpg

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Yes laudropb, I can see that the Hubble palette can be too much. It is also obviously not the true colours, so processing such an image becomes rather arbitrary, and of course gives a lot of "artistic" freedom. Here is a calmer version of the Hubble palette that may be more pleasing (one of many versions I ended up with).

RosetteNewFT HubblePS1c.jpg

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