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Opinions on Moravian CCD Cameras

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I am over in the states, so don't see much about these cameras. I came into some cash though and am thinking to make the jump to a mono cooled CCD for imaging. I like the new 16200 based camera specs on paper, but the more established brands of SBIG and FLI are too pricey, so that leaves QHY and Moravian as the other 2 vendors I see that are as of now set to soon offer a camera using this chip. The Moravian is cheaper on paper, but of course I would have to deal with whatever shipping and other duty charges to get it over to me here in CO. But before I even entertain that sort of idea, I wanted to find out if there were any opinions (good or bad) on Moravian cameras, as I would guess perhaps more potential users on this board presumably. These cameras are still in the beta test stage, but I am starting to look into them now so as to have an idea what to do between these new cameras and the older 8300 based camera designs out there.

Further background is that I image with either 300mm camera lens, or a Stellarvue SVQ100 100mm f/5.8 refractor optimized for imaging. My mount is a Paramount MyT. But currently my cameras are either a clear glass modified 550D, or an SBIG 8300c, that will get sold to partially fund this camera. In the future I see perhaps an 8 or 10 inch RC scope to complement the SVQ and let me use more magnification, but like nothing larger...

Thanks for looking and any input is appreciated, although given how long I will have to wait just to see if the 16200 offerings seem to be working well, I am not in a rush to decide anything yet.


Best Regards,


Mike L.

Longmont, CO USA



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I have he QSI 683. Takes 31 mm filters. Astrodon LRGB plus set of three 3nm narrowband  costs about £1600. You will need 2" filters for the 16200 chips. Cost of filters £4500 ! Quite a significant increase in cost on to of the camera. 

I have heard nothing bad about Morovian so far.



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