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9th March 2016 Solar Eclipse—Malaysia (Partial)


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Hi guys, long time no see! It probably had been months since I last came here. :p 

Today the members of my school's Science & Maths club and I went to the National Planetarium at Kuala Lumpur to see today's eclipse, where the Moon covered about 79% around my area and Kuala Lumpur itself—they're around the same latitude.
The sky was amazingly clear, considering Malaysia is a tropical country. No clouds till the horizon! 
The eclipse started at sunrise (07:22 am) but we started watching it a few minutes after/before 8 because the Planetarium building blocking the East horizon.
I think my friends and I were the first to view it there because we went somewhat further back to get more Sun. A woman saw us and shouted "Guys! Go there!" and soon after many came running to where we were! Especially the children! :icon_mrgreen:

Back to the eclipse, to be honest I was awestruck as it was my first eclipse ever! The Sun looked like the Moon! Talk about "Crescent Suns" haha. During the maximum (79% at 08:24 am), it did felt a bit colder than usual.
Besides viewing through the eclipse glasses that they gave for free, I looked through a solarscope, a telescope, and a pinhole projector. They were equally wonderful as well, but the pinhole projector produced a small image. There was another one with multiple holes as if it was written "#Eclipse". I found that to be cool. I also looked through the monoculars my father had, with the aid of my eclipse glasses of course.

Boy there were lots of the press!
Just before the eclipse a news reporter came and interviewed me and my friends. Of course my friends ran away, and one of them was speechless and stuttering. I was eager to talk to him, and I did just that. Hopefully I'm selected and will see myself on screen later at 08.30 pm here in the English News at TV2. :icon_mrgreen:

I won a goodie bag in today's lucky draw, I got a DVD, which features a documentary about the history of visual astronomy. It was great. Also there was a refrigerator magnet and a small, pink, cute bottle. Sadly I had to give it to my sister when I came home. :p 
The friend who stuttered when speaking to the news reporter won a planisphere, and one of the friends who ran away when the reporter approached won the main prize—a small Newtonian! I really wanted that! We planned to have a star party someday.

P.S. If I get the photos another friend and I took (it's with him btw), I'll try my best to post them here ASAP so you guys can enjoy. ;) 

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1 hour ago, michael.h.f.wilkinson said:

Even partial eclipses can be very impressive.

Yes, indeed! :icon_mrgreen:

Watched the English news at TV2, sadly none whom the news reporter interviewed were shown, including me. :'(
But overall, today was an amazing and memorable day, to be cherished by me for years to come.

In the meanwhile, I already can't wait for the next eclipse at 26/12/2019!!!
It's an annular one, with annularity (and coincidentally maximum annularity) at Southern Peninsular Malaysia & Singapore. Hopefully I would be able to go there!

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