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I saw a Delta Leonid

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I almost forgot - last night (7-2-16) at just after 10:00pm I saw a very fast meteor heading across horizontally from the direction of Leo. It ended with a big bright flash, not like that Scottish one, but many times brighter than Jupiter, with an extended oval shape. As bright as the biggest Perseids I saw last year.

Seems to have been a delta-Leonid although information on these meteors is thin on the ground.

Did anyone else spot it, it must have passed over the West Midlands or further south?

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I didn't see that one as it didn't clear here until 10.30pm on the 7th but I did see one at around 11pm heading east from Leo about mag +1 and another at some time after midnight heading west, and a third heading south at around 3am although that appeared to come from a different origin.

Saw a much brighter one last night at about 12.20pm. It was heading south and started just to the west of Regulus and passed just to the East of Alphard in Hydra. It was at least as bright as Jupiter for most of its trail but brightened further at the end to what must have been about -4.

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