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1st Image - M45

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Well last night was my first opportunity to try out my new SW 130P-DS on my EQ5 Pro mount with an un-modded Canon 550d. Before getting into guiding, I thought I'd try a number of different exposure times from 30 to 300 seconds, to see how long the mount could go without trailing. There as was a small amount of trailing in the 300sec subs, but it looks good up to 4mins.

As I had 44 subs to play with, I thought I'd stack them in DSS and have a quick play (not really got a clue what I was doing) with levels, curves and hue and here's what I ended up with, I didn't take any darks, bias or flats.

10 x 10sec
10 x 30sec
10 x 45sec
8 x 60sec
2 x 120sec
2 x 180sec
2 x 240sec


Framing could have been better and I need a coma corrector, but it's my first image and it made me smile.:icon_biggrin:

Thanks for looking and any comments, thoughts, guidance or tips will be gratefully received.

Clear skies




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Great job for a first attempt - my first one made me smile and it was nowhere near that. Great feeling when you get something which you are rightly proud of. My suggestion would be to keep trying different things with DSS. I also did't really know what I was doing to start with but learned through persistence and by getting it wrong and feeling happy when I got something right. 

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