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Have I cracked it

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Just been on the skywatcher site (first time)  and came across firmware downloads and support, I notice for the hand controller theres an update for " fixes bugs  when it dont restart from parking"  (something along those lines). I have only just recently started parking my mount so I wonder would that have anything to do with it?. What would I need to connect my hand controller to a PC to upgrade it (got to be worth a shot init?)


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Do you currently have a problem with the mount/handset ?
To upgrade the firmware on the handset you will need the serial/data cable that was supplied with the mount (cream/beige coloured, serial d-sub on one end and rj12 plug on the other) . If you don't have one you can order a cable from here . You will probably also need a good quality usb-serial adapter to connect the cable to the laptop. Make sure you download the correct version of the firmware for your handset. v3.37 for rev3 handsets and v4.30.03 for the new v4 handset, together with the firmware uploader programme.

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