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TMB Planetary II EP 4.5mm won

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Just won a bid on a new TMB II Planetary 4.5mm EP on eBay from The Skies the Limit. Sure I know  it's not a 'genuine' TMB Planetary from a few years back as the original manufacturers stopped making them for various reasons, but even so hopefully should be as good. For what I paid for it if it isn't then nothing too much lost! ?

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    • By LR Watanabe
      So I'm looking for the best grab and go planetary viewing (and maybe some DSOs) telescope that is relatively cheap (below 500$) that will also support some Astrophotography. I know the SkyMax 127 is a Maksutov and therefore has a high F number, but I'm okay with that because I'll just pop on a 0.5x focal reducer to bring it down to F/6 (still a bit high though.) With said Grab and Go I'm interested in viewing Saturn and Jupiter with high detail. What do you recommend?
      Clear skies,
      Edit: I need one that'll fit into the Sky Watcher EQ5.
    • By probedroid
      Hey StarGazersLounge Forums,
      I am an amateur in astrophotography and have so far taken photos of the Moon and some planets with my camera. However, I am looking for a major upgrade in order to take astrophotography to a professional level as I have long been passionate about astronomy. My overarching aim with astrophotography is to take high quality photos of many planets and continue my interest with the universe.
      I would be very grateful if anyone could recommend the best set up regardless of the price at the moment as I will work from there. This includes a camera, mount and eyepiece for the Celestron 8se etc so I can get a good idea of what I need to get some amazing planetary shots. By the way, for the camera, I am considering the Sony a7r iii (good choice?) for astrophotography and nature photography as well. Any form of advice would be much appreciated.
    • By stepping beyond
      I've had a boiling Summer and imaging wasn't  worth it , if we get a cold front I'll be out there. I happened to get a night where between dipping in the pool and running some planetary  was made achievable without sweating to death. Jupiter 10,330 frame avi  using 10,000 on the 1st image 7-15-18 and 75% of 10,330 on the 2nd with the GRS and the 3rd was the 1st taken with 80% of 10,330 7-15-18 and the 3rd was 7-14-18  and more data to process , yall .  As2 and registax 6 wavelets was used to achieve these. I couldn't get the efw to work in Sharpcap 3 that night do to user error. I wasn't going to post but, it's the only night I've gathered any data this Summer and Jupiter is out of my FOV till Winter. Hopefully , I can try my hand at lrgb next time on this target.

    • By rorymultistorey
      Hi Stargazers,
      After a lot of work and help from the great Damian Peach I managed to get some really good images of Jupiter Mars and Saturn despite a total spend of just £100... and I made another bonkers Astrobiscuit video about it which I hope you enjoy. Mr Peach really helped me pick my nights to image and the other big surprise was how good the canon 600D is at planetary. All comments/ advice/ criticisms most welcome...

    • By Major Canis
      I'm currently using the Skywatcher Skyliner 200P reflector telescope with the 10mm and 25mm EPs that came with it. I have been viewing for a while now and think its time I upgraded the eyepieces. My budget is around £500. I'd like to be able to get a range of EPs that will provide me with wide view and higher magnification viewing (a shorter length, longer length and a barlow (or perhaps a powermate but I dont know much about these other than they are seemingly better than barlows - perhaps a little over budget)).
      I enjoy both planetary and DSO viewing though if I had a preference it would be the latter. I wear eyeglasses having astigmatism in both eyes so eye relief is important. I mainly view from rural areas but will sometimes get it out in my rather light polluted back garden, so I am flexible with exit pupil size (the maximum being 31/35mm I reckon).
      There is quite a selection of vendors and I am hoping you folks can help me narrow down my choices with some first hand experience
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