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Walking on the Moon

Tadpoles & Flaming Star Extended (Star 71)


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So far its been a cracking evening, so while waiting for Virgo to rise I thought I would chuck a few more subs at the Flaming star.... oh blimey... what a difference no Moon makes to Ha!  I compared a couple of subs from the last session and its a no brainer which ones are better (tonights).

I've put it through Ps now and given it a bit of HDR via layer masks to bring out the Ha that lies between the two nebulas. Seems to have stood up to it well enough becuase not much noise crept in, so im happy with it. Could do with another couple of hours to really nail it - but so far its pretty alright! :)


12x1200 + 4 x900 (Ha)

Star71, Atik383L+, NEQ6

Thanks for looking! :)



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10 hours ago, cardconvict said:

That's a lovely capture and one of my personal favourites with winning image of the month sometime ago.

Would love to see some colour in this image, are you planning to add colour ?

No plans for colour yet, it depends on whether we get any more clear sky in the next week or so (plus I have other projects in the oven at the mo).

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