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Advice on a c-mount adapter

Twisted Lip

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This is more of an equipment question but I can't think where else to put it so have settled for this forum :)

This week at SGLIX I'm playing around with a new bit of kit (180degree fisheye lens) and some existing kit but I'm a bit stumped trying to put the lens onto a specific camera. The lens has a standard c-mount but the only way of attaching to the camera is via a standard 1.25" filter thread (which I think is M28.5). Now there are plenty of male c-mount to 1.25 nosepiece adapters (I have one, and similar adapters) but for the life of me I can't find anything that is female c-mount to male m28.5 (i.e. 1.25" filter thread).

Anyone come across anything like this before or have any ideas? Even a female c-mount to female 1.25' nose piece might work.



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No its definitely a weird one and not something I've come across before. I'd be tempted to make something myself but I'd be going back to CDT classes (showing my age there!) since I last used threading dies! lol


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I haven't tried it, but you might be able to do it with two adapters:  a c-mount female to T-thread male, plus a T-thread female to 1.25" male.  For example:




A cheap DIY alternative could be to buy an inexpensive c-mount lens to DSLR/ Micro 4/3 camera adapter and Araldite on to this an old 1.25" threaded filter cell with the glass removed 






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Here is the good adpater(5mm long). I need it to link the MiniGuiderScope QHY with a StarAid and allow to reach focus(many other similar adapter had 8.3 to 9.0 mm long(included a ring of 5mm) and I cannot reach focus with them.


Blue Fireball C / CS Female Thread to M28.5 (1.25" Filter) Male Thread Adapter # V-05 r Price: $19.95

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