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40 Eridani - a great triple!

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I've seen the Omicron2 white dwarf in a Prinz 60mm/f.11 refractor some years ago; it was more obvious with averted vision. The White dwarf orbits the red dwarf in 240 years and the pair orbit the primary in 8000 years. There' s all the time in the world in astronomy.

As you say, this is an interesting trio, showing three stars in different stages of stellar evolution.

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Just to say for those of you who like a target  which is not only interesting visualy but also contains a great deal of science behind it then this is the triple for you! The main mag 4.4 star is sun

This is 40 Eridani is probably my favorite multiple system, and the only one I can think in which a yellow dwarf, a white dwarf and a red dwarf can be observed together in a smallish scope. An in

SkySafari lists the main star Keid's alternative name as ........you guessed it..... Vulcan ?

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I'll have to revisit this one, the last time I looked was in the early 2000s with a 8" SCT.  Sadly the murk was a little too thick so I couldn't catch the red dwarf, I was very happy with seeing my first white dwarf though. 

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I've put this on my list, in case we ever get another clear night here! 😀

Astonishing that the white dwarf can be seen at all - it is 16 light years away and only about twice the diameter of the Earth!

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17 minutes ago, Captain Magenta said:

... looked up White Dwarf on Wiki. Discovered that Sirius B is also a White Dwarf. Makes my mission to observe it for the first time all that much richer...


Apparently, Sirius B is a little smaller than the Earth but it's mass is very nearly that of the Sun !




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On 24/12/2020 at 20:02, Hyperion76 said:

very interesting triple I often bump this topic 

Thanks for the bump, I wouldn't have known about it otherwise. Now just need some clear skies.

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