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New camera very excited

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Hey everyone on SGL! I recently purchased an Orion Star Shoot 4 solar system color imaging camera for my Mead ETX 90. And I was told that's a good camera for that scope. That camera is for planets and the moon and I was wondering how well it would do on bright clusters and the Orion Nebula. I've dismissed nebulae and galaxies as suitable targets with that setup but I just wanted a second opinion. I've had a lot of failures so far but I've learned not to be frustrated because that's half the fun! (:

Clear skies,



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Although its primarily a planetary and lunar imager, according to the Orion website its capable of a 5 second exposure. So you might get something maybe, always worth a try I guess. I would not imagine it would particularly good at any DSO's to be honest, but it will interesting to see what you manage. Maybe somebody on here has already tried?

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