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How to identify ETX 125 PE


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Have a feeling that some of the PE variants had a deep metallic blue tube with stars or similar on them. If so you may actually prefer the regular model. To me they looked a bit garish.

Underneath they were all the same item and same handset.

Manula appears to be here: http://www.meade.com/support/manuals/

If you attempt to open it, the pdf, it appears that you have to download it not view it in a tab. Well mine does that.

Buy yourself a nice 32mm plossl if you do not already have one.

As previously said it looks like they have an RDF not the RA finder.

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6 hours ago, PBS said:

IIRC The older model had a small right angled finder scope the PE has a red dot finder...




Thank you.  I  noticed some of the etx 125 identify the telescope as EC or AT on the lens, so I was looking for PE on the lens but it does not have it.  I'll check for the red dot finder.  Is the red finder the one that I heard tends to break?  The etx 125 I am looking at has a tube that iisn't blue like the etx 125 PE I saw on EBAY,  instead it has some kind of bright purple/reddish design on it.  


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As I remember, when first released, the AT has the Autostar controller and the EC had a basic handset, just L-R Up Down etc. but I have seen them described as EC with the Autostar over the years :happy7:

The EC/AT are dark blue (sometimes looking very purple in photos) some PEs are also dark blue, the more artistic designs are all PE, Premier Edition.

The OTAs and mount are exactly the same, Psychobilly is correct about the finders... the old right angle optical finder was rubbish and too close to the EP.

Either way, superb optics and build quality for the OTA, the mount takes a bit of practice to master.

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Thank you, your information and photos helped me decide, your info and photos I requested from the seller suggest the item is as described, I'm getting it tomorrow, too bad  it will be cloudy all week....  biut in two weeks I am going to Valley of Fire and other near by desert areas.    Thanks again.



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