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Old M51 RGB with some added L from the QHY5L-II-M


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The 3.5 hours of RGB data was originally captured back in March 2013 with the 550D and with the moon close by at around 82%.
At the time i was quite happy with it, but i always felt it was lacking some details.

In March 2014 i captured some L data with the QHY5L-II-M. About 65x 1 min exposures. The details were there, but due to the lack of Registar it would take me another 2 years to add it to the RGB image, which i now finally have. It's more noisy, but so much more detailed! :)

Attaching 2 versions of the LRGB, and the old RGB for comparison.
Also the L data for those who's curious what the QHY5L-II-M "guide/planetary" camera is able to capture. :)

M51 3 hour 30 min LRGB.jpg

M51 3 hour 30 min LRGB-1.jpg

M51 3 hour 30 min RGB_reg.jpg

M51 L 65x 60s.jpg

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Thanks! :)

I'm very impressed as well, and will for sure give this camera a go at more targets instead of just guiding.
The increase in details and sharpness is very notisable, and i actually expected the 550D to be far superior to a guide-camera at this.

I've also got myself some adapters to use it with my Canon and Olympus lenses, which i think can be very nice for wide-field NB imaging with bright lenses. Now i just need to find out how to attach the lenses on the HEQ5 mount...

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6 minutes ago, Daniel-K said:


Heres a short dovetail so you can attach your camera to your mount.

Thanks, but i already have this one (or a copy of it). It works perfectly for attaching my DSLR with normal lenses to the mount, however what i'm looking for now is a way to attach my QHY5L-II-M with a canon/olympus lens to the mount. As all my lenses are different i probably have to come up with a custom made bracket myself though?

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You've certainly pulled out some plenty of detail with QHY5.  The LRGB looks a bit black clipped and has lost the fainter outer regions on my monitor.  I've downloaded your jpegs and had a tweak in photoshop.  I think I prefer the tweak but it's all down to personal preference


Jannis M51 LRGB.jpg

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Actually that's come out pretty clipped as well on my monitor compared with pre upload.  Had a look on my phone and your images look much better on that.  Something amiss with my new (and expensive!) monitor

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Thanks Daniel! I had not seen that type of adapter before. It's pretty much precicely what i'm looking for, but the price if rather high so i think i'll have to make something myself for now. Maybe next saeason i have more money saved up. :)

Thanks for the modification Martin. The thing is i started processing it on my main computer with a very good display, and then i had to finish it off on my laptop - which unfortunatly only shows like 65% of the sRGB and have a very poor gamme-curve, so when calibrated the the colors are mostly right, the black is clipping. I was hoping it would look better on the "average" display then on my poor laptop display, but i have to agree that your verson looks better. :)

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13 minutes ago, MartinB said:

 Something amiss with my new (and expensive!) monitor

Probably already checked it, but - you did remember to set display profile in PS and convert image? Done that misstake myself multiple times, hehe. :)
I've converted all the imaged to sRGB before uploading, exept the mono of course.

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