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Some of my first sketches


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Hello, here is some of my first sketches. Ive never actually done drawing / painting but I find astronomical sketching calming and quite therapeutic. Im currently trying to sketch and observe all of the Messier objects little by little, someday Ill have to make trip in south since here in Finland we cant see all of them.

Quite happy with M42 and M31. Next week I have a chance to see and also (hopefully) observe with 90cm (~36") Astrofox folded newtonian. Hopefully weather is clear during my trip there so I could actually do some sketching aswell. I bet M42 would be breathtaking!






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Thank you everyone for your kind comments! :)

All but M31 is without tracking mount, I recently bought HEQ5 SynScan wich I will use for planetary imaging / sketching and once I get hang of autoguiding also for photography. GoTo makes everything so much easier although it isnt as fun as star hopping.


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It is very well done working without a following system. I have tried to sketch some star clusters (just for reference, not pretty) and sketched some sun spots, but I find it a little stressfull, constantly having to adjust the FOV.

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Those sketches are really good, especially as they are your first.

I keep meaning to give sketching a go but need to sort out a more comfortable setup first.

Please post anymore you do I love looking at sketches.

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