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Blast from the past - Comet Holmes

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Hi folks, having just moved house and temporarily without an observatory or my beloved telescopes, I've been browsing my old images and came across this one of my earliest imaging efforts.

It's Comet 17P/Holmes, which I captured in early December 2007 with a Canon 400d, stock lens, and manually guided with a wobbly EQ1 mount. It had had a spectacular outburst, and I remember it being brightly visible to the naked eye overhead in the evening sky, as an eerie circular glow. The brightish star to the left of the comet is Iota Persei.

Anyone else remember this one? A lot has happened to me over the intervening eight years, some good, some very bad, but at least I'm still here. Older, greyer, slightly damaged, slightly wiser, and still alive!




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One of my favourites. Must have been during a period of a good succession of clear nights as I seemed to amass a large quantity of video at the time. It was  also my first attempt at photographing a comet and my one DSLR image is still on my wall. I started video observation with a 16" SCT coupled to a Watec 120n+, gradually adding focal reducers as the comet increased in size. I ended up using a Sky90 to still fit it in the frame. Happy nights.  :icon_biggrin:

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