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I'm brand new to astronomy I've had my telescope roughly a month now really enjoying myself viewing all the things there are to see .I now want to start taking few pics through my telescope I set everything up last night clear sky's but what ever I tried I couldn't get Jupiter in my live view on my cam it was in the centre of my 25 mm lens but every time I took the lens out attached camera I was just met with black screen .Im here asking if I'm doing something wrong I took my scope out today after watching you tube about attaching camera to my scope , I managed to get a electric pylon in my lens swapped it attached camera worked out its in focus 3 half turns from fully in so I had it in my live view on my cam .So just asking if there's anything I'm missing at night time 



my equipment is a skywatcher 150 p goto alt/azm mount with a canon 1200d using a Barlow lens 

cheers for the help 

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Hi guys cheers for replys I thought about the moon but it's not out till 2-30 so was hoping to get Jupiter in few pics then slowly progress I've ordered make every photon count . I suppose I'll just have to struggle on see if I can get it 


hope I can after some practice seen some amazing pics on here Friday's next clear night I'll go out then I'm gonna take my camera tripod if I can get any pics through my telescope I can try with just my camera shame I can't use my iPad as a screen 

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