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March 3rd - H Alpha and White Light


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It unexpectedly dawned bright this morning, but had to go out to town early on, aagggrrhhh.    I rushed back for 9.30am and had a session from 9.40 to 10.15.   It was rather hazy and with poor seeing when I started - and it got rapidly hazier with worsening seeing  until I had to give up.  The while light pics were taken first so were in slightly better conditions than when I took the HA.  The HA were taken with the Lunt 60mm Ds and the white light with the Equinox 80mm and Lunt H Wedge - both using the Olympus E-M5, single frames.

All the pics were taken between 9.40 and 10.00 am, all in  a bit of a rush.  The close ups of the active areas are, in order, AR2513, AR2512 and AR2506.  These are going from E to W across the disk.  On the rather iffy HA pic I put on to show the prominences, you can just see a little bit of detached material off the NW limb.







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Many thanks for your very kind comments.  I've already started dreaming about getting pics of Mercury as it crosses through the centre of a sunspot group in white light, and transiting a prominence as it goes on and off the Sun on May 9th.  :icon_biggrin:




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