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SW 130-pds - HEQ5 - QHY5L-ii imaging setup

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im making this sale active again, here are the details 

im not entirely sure i want to get rid of my imaging setup, but its a lot of money to be tied up for me for not a lot of use, main reason for selling is to get some decent canon lenses which will be used a lot more....

well the total of my gear what i can remember off the top of my head is way over £2000 there is a lot of stuff i have not added which i can not remember, well here is the list so far...

HEQ5 - RRP £630
HEQ5 upgraded bolts - RRP £30
QHY5L-ii - RRP 229
Altair mini guide scope & auto guiding setup RRP £169 & £39.99 = TOTAL £208.99
SW 130-pds - RRP £159
SW Auto focuser - RRP £45
SW CC - RRP £97
Baader 2" Neodymium filter - RRP £80
Skywatcher 28mm 2" Long Eye Relief - RRP - £29.90
Meade 12mm Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece (Wireless) - RRP - £59.99
Celestron x2 barlow x2 - RRP x1 - £24 - x2 = £48
Televue x2 barlow - RRP - £110
MSI U135DX netbook - RRP - £249
solor filter - RRP - £41
telrad - RRP - £35
SW 9x50 finder - RRP - £45
premium chesire - RRP - £36
M48 adapter - RRP - £15
Making every photon count - RRP £19.95
HitecAstro EQDIR adapter for EQMOD - RRP - £27.90
canon t -ring - RRP - £21
bahtinov mask - RRP - £16.45

TOTAL SO FAR = £2233.18

all items are very well looked after and kept indoors in a smoke free home, id prefer to sell everything in one go and for it to be collection only due to the mass of items and the weight of everything, id be happy to let this lot go for around the £1200 mark

here is my flickr from which you can see me astro images i have taken with this setup

more images at request


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just to add, im no longer looking to swap for lenses, cash only now, i did try to edit the listing but i can not 

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i can not for the life of me find out how to close this thread, please can someone close or delete this thank you

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Only the admin and mods can close the thread, when it is then archived. Once the sale(s) have been completed add a post to the end of the thread confirming the completion and we will do the rest.

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    • By Lachlan
      Hi everyone, 
      as the title suggests, I've noticed that the RA axis of my HEQ5 pro mount has some give. I don't notice it while the clutch is unlocked, but it's very obvious with a locked RA clutch. Any suggestions on what could be causing it/what adjustments need to be made? 
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      Morning folks,
      I'm planning a bit of a change in my imaging setup and after much thought I need some input from others if you can.
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      I often find my imaging time limited but am planning the build of a mini obsy to make longer sessions more practical.
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      Tried with handset as well as eqmod, the mounts power is supplied with a mains power pack.
      I don't get as much time to image as I'd like and often image object in the east as they rise.
      Tried slight adjustment of Dec but still happens.
      Throwing it out for suggestions. 
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      With the recent poor viewing I have decided to strip down my HEQ5 pro mount and upgrade the bearings and add the Rowan belt modification.
      From threads I have looked at on this forum and also looking at the Astrobaby guide I think I need the following bearings, I know many on here have already upgraded the bearings so thought I would just check they are correct before ordering.
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      - Budget: Given complementary I'll be getting a 2x Barlow (SkyWatcher; achromatic), and a starguider laser collimator (1.25-2), these are my two best available options to fit on its range.
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      - Conventional Tube vs Heritage's Compact Flex Tube: What are the differences (pros-cons) I can expect from one and the other? (despite no difference between mirrors and diameter).
      - Explorer 130P AZEQ AVANT (newbie question): Would it be possible to transport the whole structure armed from one spot to the other in my yard? 
      Any help/opinion welcomed. 
      Happy 2019! 
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