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is this webcam any good?


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Hi there-I have this webcam sitting around the house and was wondering if it would be any good to adapt and fit onto my scope.


I Have a Skywatcher 150p F5. I would like to get shots of the usual suspects-the Moon, Jupiter, Orion etc but the dream shot would be of a Galaxy!

Any thoughts or advice on this woud be great!


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Hi there and welcome from ,in a nut shell yes but it's going to take a bit of skill to strip it down ,I have a dif version of this camera .the tricky bit is removing the auto focus bit ,once that is done your good to go looks a bit ugly but it works well ,but your going to be wrecking the camera in the process . Mine records full 1080p ,inwards travel was a problem to start with and had to cut the adapter down a little,to,a hive focus

this will only be any good for moons and planets nothing else  

before you bite the  bullet and buy it ,try and see if freinds and  family have any webcams  you could use get a Facebook post ,posted and see if any one you know as one 

It will work  



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