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Building the ultimate travelscope: 10" f/4 ultra ultra compact truss Dob

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Some more pics:   And first light in the backyard!      

The telescope is finished! Pictures of the closed box:   The opened box:    

This autumn I will be staying on the island of La Palma for a week of deep sky observing together with some of my observing buddy's. But what kind of telescope should I bring along? After lots of thou

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Thanks for the kind words!

This weekend I cut the last pieces of plywood, these are for the rocker box/transport box.


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Wow. That's stunning!  I have a 12" f5 mirror spare at the moment, and am completely and sorely tempted to go down a similar route on a slightly larger scale.  A gorgeous piece of craftsmanship.  

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A very nice and well executed project Roel.

Stunning and very compact really fancy building one myself. 

Well done and I'm sure it will be an inspiration to others.

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A thought occurred to me. How do you protect the mirror from being damaged as it is in such close proximity to the other bits in its case? How is it held from movement? Obviously you do not want pinched optics so DOB mirrors are usually hung. As you pick it up it will require some form of restriction. 


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