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Astrojan tools for EOS


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I know this is kind of an old question but I have just come across Astrojam tools for eos. As I have a 350D it would be the kind of thing I am looking for (free ) as the eos utility does not work with W7. Now, as it says on its websiite :-

Note: Users with old models 350D, 20D and 5D have to rename file EDSDK_2_11.dll to edsdk.dll (rename contained edsdk.dll to edsdk_2_12.dll). This is the Canon interface lib and old models are not supported by the current version 2.12.

What do I need to do for it to work with my 350D ? The file edsdk.dll is allready in the list of files that came with the program. Also EDSDK_2_11.dll is in the list of files. Do I just delete the latter or rename it the same as the other in effect creating a copy. My computing skills are rather limited so I thought I would ask before destroying it.....

Also has anyone else used this utility and if so do they have an opinion about it.  Many thanks ....Geoff

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Please post and let others know if you're able to make this software works for 350d.  I've been using my 350d via a WinXP virtual machine running on Win7.  Which works, but I find it difficult to maintain a separate XP system.  I would like to know what you think of Astrojam tools.


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I tried AstrojanTools on my Win7Pro laptop, with hopes of using this software to control my 350d without needing a WinXP virtual machine.  But, as far as I can tell, the software still depends on a USB device driver for the 350d.  I tried two access methods: "PC" mode and "PTP" mode (selected from the camera menu).  In PC mode: Win7 does not have a device driver, and Astrojan cannot find the camera.  In PTP mode, Win7 provides simple access to the camera files, but Astrojan gives error messages when it tries to send camera control commands.

I'm guessing Astrojan might work with a 350d if there was a device driver, such as with WinXP.  For now I'll use BYEOS from WinXP.

If anyone finds a method of controlling a 350d from Win7, please post the solution!


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